Carole Souza

Director of Coaching and Buisness Planning– NP Dodge Real Estate

Carole is a real estate professional, member of ERC and experienced Corporate Relationship liaison. She believes it is important to continue to create a network of other professionals who become trusted advisors to all of us who value partnerships.

We are all dependent upon each other for referrals to the folks who we know we can rely on. Carole is here to be the center of that network for our connections and serve those relationships that assist in the world of transition, both inside our company and to our third party friends.

Carole has an extensive background in corporate management and building relationships with leaders in the industry. Most recently I served as Broker-Manager of the NP Dodge Midtown branch office, which was created to answer the need for a Midtown specialty focus in the Real Estate Market.

She is here to help agents and our client relationships grow and serve this market place as well as beyond the borders of Omaha. Carole is licensed in both Nebraska and Iowa and brings many years of Real Estate experience to the table for her clients. She is a Board Certified Life Coach and enjoys coaching people to their highest potential!

In 2011, Carole was presented with the Buffini and Company Mentor of the Year award and she has been professionally coaching for the past 11 years.


Contact: 402.871.9817       Licensed in Nebraska and Iowa



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